Discretionary Portfolios Risk Profiled by Dynamic Planner

We are delighted to announce that Distribution Technology has reviewed and profiled five discretionary portfolios offered by IBOSS Asset Management’s, Managed Portfolio Service, within the risk profiles used on Dynamic Planner.

The main objective of the Dynamic Planner risk profiles and fund risk profiling service is to provide financial advisers and their clients with a meaningful measure of the long-term investment risk of fund strategies and a mechanism for selecting solutions appropriate for investor risk appetites and capacity for risk.

The profiles which Dynamic Planner have assigned to the portfolios are set out below:

Portfolio                               Assigned risk profile

MPS Portfolio 1                 

MPS Portfolio 2                

MPS Portfolio 4                

MPS Portfolio 6                

MPS Portfolio Equity       

The full Dynamic Planner report can be request by emailing Kevin Morrison, Business Development manager at kevin@ibossltd.co.uk