Monthly Performance Update July 2019

IBOSS MPU July 2019

It was very difficult not to make good investment returns in June. In fact, unless your portfolio invested purely in UK Smaller Companies and/or UK Index linked Gilts, it was impossible as every other sector was positive.

This situation is rare but not unprecedented, as once again the central banks jawboned the equity and bond markets higher with dovish capitulation aplenty. The real standout investment however was gold, whether it be via the gold miners or the physical stuff. Somewhat ironically, at least in our opinion, gold was up for exactly the opposite reason, find out that reason by reading our Monthly Market Update in full.

This month we also discuss ‘rent capping’, something that has been tried at various times and by various countries but with some pretty mixed results, Trump’s trade wars, which continue expanding geographically and we take a look at the new head of the ECB.

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