The Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is provided by IBOSS Ltd, which is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Portfolio Management Service


The Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is an active model portfolio service, managed on an advisory basis. It is our original outsourced investment solution and is built exclusively for the financial adviser marketplace.

The range consists of ten risk-rated portfolios, seven core multi-asset portfolios and three specialised portfolios focusing on income, equity and ethical investments. Constructed in 2006 by Chris Metcalfe, Managing Director and Co-Founder of IBOSS, these model portfolios continue to offer excellent risk-conscious returns through the same, highly experienced, Investment Team.

The PMS service supports advisers and provides a practical and cost-efficient way to outsource the management your clients’ investments, whilst aligning them to their long-term investment goals.

Portfolios are reviewed on a quarterly basis, with white labelled review documents sent to clients on your behalf, keeping them informed of current economic and market conditions, as well as proposed changes to their portfolios.

Key Features

  • 7 core risk-rated multi asset model portfolios
  • 3 specialised risk-rated multi asset model portfolios
  • Managed on an advisory basis
  • Only available to professional financial advisers and planners
  • Includes white labelled client reviews
  • Completely independent fund selection
  • Available on Old Mutual Wealth and Novia
  • Fund holdings re-balanced quarterly
  • Very competitive charging structure
  • Outstanding performance track record over more than 10 years
  • Extremely strong defensive characteristics
  • Exclusive access to the Investment Team
  • Benchmarked against the IA Mixed Investment Sectors


The PMS is our original investment solution and was officially launched by IBOSS Limited in November 2008. The original concept of running model portfolios for adviser firms was created in 2006 by Chris Metcalfe, Managing Director and Co-Founder of IBOSS.

Along with Chris, the other founders of the company had also previously held senior positions at advisory firms, where they had grown frustrated with the limited outsourced investment solutions available on the market. Out of this frustration, coupled with a desire to innovate and aid fellow financial advisers, IBOSS was created.

Benefits to You and Your Clients

Effectively managing investments can be a challenging and time-consuming task, particularly under increasing, and ever moving, regulatory requirements.

Delegating investment responsibilities to us gives you more time to preserve client relationships, focus on individual financial planning requirements, as well as time to develop and grow your business. Meanwhile we focus on asset allocation, fund selection and re-balancing your clients’ portfolios.

Each February, May, August and November, clients will receive white labelled review documents from us, on behalf of their adviser.

The quarterly correspondence carries your brand, not ours, and is sent via email, then in only a few simple steps clients can authorise the fund changes we are recommending to their portfolios. Additionally, clients can access their account at any time to view up-to-date valuations (Old Mutual Wealth plans only) of their policies on the PMS, they also have the option to alert the adviser to changes in their circumstances via a comments box.

Detailed management information is sent out to advisers at various stages throughout the review period, enabling you to keep track of non-respondents or update us with any new client contact details.

Our white labelled review service soon becomes an indispensable part of your client proposition, as many of our testimonials will vouch for.

Our client facing material is jargon-free, making it easy for clients to engage with and appreciate. The quarterly updates create a level of client involvement that makes them part of their investment journey. We believe this part of the service demonstrates great value to the adviser-client relationship.

Asset Allocation & Fund Selection

The IBOSS ethos remains the same across all our investment solutions, with rigorous quantitative and qualitative research. We aim to beat the relevant benchmarks over as many time periods as possible, with less than benchmark volatility, lower drawdowns and across all risk ratings.

The portfolios are built using a fixed strategic asset allocation to match the portfolio’s investment objective, the flexibility of the portfolios comes from a fund level through our tactical allocation, depending on market conditions and the appropriate risk metrics.

We invest across equities, bonds, property and cash, taking a highly diversified approach, holding between 35 and 40 funds in each portfolio. Each holding is established at a minimum 1% weighting and a maximum 4% weighting. Both onshore and offshore funds are considered.

We are not partnered or affiliated with any fund houses or groups; therefore, we are independent of outside influences, selecting funds from the whole of market and with no restrictions placed on us by third parties.

Furthermore, we are independently owned with no outside organisations influencing our investment decisions. This results in our Investment Team being able to select funds as they see fit, purely for the benefit of your clients’ investments.

We use no form of volatility parameters for any of our PMS portfolios, we believe these can push managers into making counter-intuitive decisions, especially in times of market stress. We also don’t consider the ratings of agencies, preferring to use our own proprietary research, including hundreds of manager meetings and fund update calls each year.


The PMS model portfolios have an outstanding track record, they have achieved consistent performance across the range with returns higher than the benchmark and with less than market risk (as measured by volatility) over a 10-year period.

View our latest Monthly Performance Update for the PMS here.