Why choose us

The advisers and planners we work with, tell us there are several reasons why they choose to put their trust in IBOSS.

Let’s start with something we believe sets us apart and that we know advisers, planners, and their clients, truly value.

It’s what we call the really clever bit

We believe in the value advisers add to their clients.

We want to help, support and enhance that relationship. We also know how highly clients value regular communication from their adviser.

That’s where our white-labelled service really comes into its own.

Each quarter, in February, May, August and November, your client will receive a white-labelled update from us. It carries your branding, not ours, and gives a detailed breakdown of the changes we have made to their investment.

We also include information about the current investment and economic climate, that we know they will find useful and interesting.

We know this service is valuable to advisers and clients alike. Advisers love it because it increases the exposure clients have to their brand and it adds value to their relationship. Clients love it because it keeps them fully informed with interesting and relevant information.

To prove the point, our latest Portfolio Management Service Quarterly Update, covering February to April, achieved an impressive positive engagement rate of 96%.


We have been providing investment services to advisers for nearly a decade. Those turbulent times have taught us how to manage money in the good and more difficult years.

We are truly humbled that advisers continue to put their trust in us. We never forget the responsibility which comes with managing your client’s money.


Our success has come from an open and pragmatic approach to investment. We firmly believe that different styles of management, tools and research, work in different parts of the investment cycle. We therefore maintain a flexible investment process.

We operate a core asset allocation and have key themes set out in our Investment Philosophy.

We also believe that a small team is important in allowing ideas for conviction to be implemented, whilst ensuring there is opportunity for challenge and debate.

The same investment philosophy runs through both our OEIC and the Portfolio Management Service:

  • A commitment to holding no more than 4% in any single fund
  • A fixed strategic asset allocation with tactical overlay
  • Completely independent fund selection
  • A robust quantitative and qualitative process
  • An emphasis on consistency of returns relative to benchmark
  • A desire to avoid restrictions, which may hamper investment performance


We listen to advisers and build our propositions based on their feedback.

The latest addition to our range is the OEIC from IBOSS Asset Management.

We launched our OEIC in February 2016, when we saw an opportunity to widen our investment range, enhancing the existing offering.

This new range of funds builds on the success of the Portfolio Management Service, administered by IBOSS Limited, which we have run successfully for over eight years.

Both the OEIC, and Portfolio Management Services, are run by the same investment team.

A team approach

All decisions are made collectively by our experienced investment team.

The team is headed up by Chris Metcalfe our Investment Director, who is supported by Chris Rush, who is the OEIC’s Co-fund Manager and the Portfolio Management Service’s Senior Investment Analyst.

Michael Heapy, our Investment Analyst, completes the team.

For advisers only

We were built by advisers, for advisers. We do not accept business directly from investors.


We are independent of outside influences, selecting funds from the whole of market, with no restrictions placed on us by third parties.

Furthermore, we are independently owned with no outside organisations influencing our investment decisions.

We have the courage of our convictions and the independence to follow them.

Simple, clear and coherent

In an industry riddled with jargon, we’ll say it as we see it and give you an honest answer. You might not always like the answer, but you will know it is honestly given.

We listen

Advisers told us the charges on our OEIC were too high. So, we cut them.

Our research showed that active managers weren’t delivering value. So, we changed the emphasis to passives.

Clients wanted to communicate electronically. So, we introduced online updates and a text reminder service.

These are just a few of many examples where we’ve listened to advisers, their clients and our own internal teams, then made evidenced-based decisions for the benefit of the investors who put their faith in us.