Markets In Focus Podcast

The IBOSS Investment Team are joined by industry leading guest speakers to share their views and insights regarding the latest market news and investment topics.

Episode 13 | Focusing on Asia with Jonathan Pines, Federated Hermes

The IBOSS Investment Team are joined by Jonathan Pines from Federated Hermes, as the spotlight falls on Asia.

Asian countries are quite different from each other when it comes to investing, so this part of the world can be home to both the best and worst-performing global stock markets at any one time.

Discover the true potential of the region, uncover highly attractive price-to-value ratios, and explore lucrative opportunities awaiting proactive investors.


Episode 12 | Focusing on US Equities with Mark Sherlock, Federated Hermes

The IBOSS Investment Team are joined by Mark Sherlock, Head of US Equities and Lead Portfolio Manager, at Federated Hermes Limited.

For most of the last 20 years, though not since 2018, the valuations of the US mid and small-cap indices have been higher than the S&P 500, but currently they trade on a near-record discounts.

However, the argument for mean reversion is compelling and valuations are relatively cheap, therefore, there are some attractively valued investment opportunities in the small mid-cap space. But, is now a good time to get involved and invest for the long term, or is more patience required for investors due to macro-economic and geo-political factors?


Episode 11 | Focusing on the UK with Ed Legget, Artemis

The UK economy has had more downs than ups over recent years, however, is it more resilient than people think?

There continue to be fears around a UK recession, but these may be overblown as we believe there are potential opportunities for returns from UK equities during 2023, and beyond.

Ed and the IBOSS investment team discuss the current investing landscape for the UK.


Episode 10 | Focusing on India & Sustainable Investing with Sashi Reddy, Stewart Investors

The IBOSS Investment Team are joined by Sashi Reddy of Stewart Investors, live from Sydney, Australia.

Sashi provides insight into investing sustainably via India and Asia, as well as discussing Indian equities in general, which don’t correlate with the rest of the world and can add great diversification benefits to a portfolio.

So, what do India’s investing prospects currently look like and what opportunities are currently out there for investors?


Episode 9 | Focusing on the Start of the Year for Markets with Duncan MacInnes, Ruffer

Many investors are hoping that the repricing of assets, following a turbulent 12 months, may provide some stellar opportunities for returns – but are we there yet?

Duncan and the IBOSS investment team discuss how markets have performed during the early stages of the new year and what trends are beginning to emerge. They share their views on what they think may be required in portfolios during the months ahead, as well as the potential challenges to come in a journey through a much-changed market landscape.


Episode 8 | Focusing on the UK Stock Market with Mark Slater, Slater Investments

The UK economy, just like the rest of the world, is currently facing one of its toughest times in recent history and it may take some time to climb out of the rut it’s currently in.

However, for investors, the UK stock market is a separate entity to the economy and 2023 is starting to look more positive in terms of opportunities and the potential for returns. This includes the Slater Growth fund, which is held across multiple IBOSS ranges, and like many UK funds right now is looking cheap relative to history.

Mark and our investment team discuss the UK equity investing backdrop, and specifically where opportunities are being found, as well as any continuing Brexit effects and quantifying the outcomes of developing UK government policies.


Episode 7 | Focusing on Fixed Income with Jenna Barnard, Janus Henderson

The interest rate-raising environment has provided the fixed income space many challenges this year. The developed world central banks, led by the US Federal Reserve, have badly misunderstood the inflation dynamics and are now playing catch-up.

Whilst the first nine months of 2022 have been some of the worst in history for fixed income overall, we think there are starting to be some opportunities for positive returns.

Jenna and our Investment Team discussed the fixed income sector in detail and what their plans are for the remainder of the year, as well as heading into 2023.


Episode 6 | Focusing on Commodities with Christopher Korpan, J.P. Morgan

Over the past couple of months many of the commodity prices that were at the centre of the current inflationary burst have slumped dramatically.

Christopher and our Investment Team discussed what has caused the rise and fall of commodities over the past year, including the supply and demand dynamics affecting oil, gold and energy.

We also look at how climate issues affect the JPM team’s strategy and how they plan to incorporate sustainable values into a sector that many consider to be the antithesis to ESG investing.



Episode 5 | Focusing on Diversification with Duncan MacInnes, Ruffer

Markets and investors continue to face a period of increased uncertainty following the arrival, and acceptance, of inflation, as well as the ongoing war in Ukraine. With both bonds and equities falling simultaneously, we discussed a wide range of topics effecting the current investing landscape.

Duncan and the IBOSS Investment Team discuss where they think the opportunities may lie in uncertain market conditions and why an open mind, and a flexible approach, may be more important than ever for investors.



Episode 4 | Focusing on Asian Equities with Catherine Yeung, Fidelity International

Gaining access to Chinese equities can often seem overwhelming, particularly with the various vehicles available to investors. Catherine provides us with a China 101 and highlights what investors need to be aware of, as well as discussing a broad range of topics relating to Asian equities, including; Chinas zero tolerance COVID policy, technology regulation and supply chain issues.

Alongside the IBOSS Investment Team, Catherine also shared her outlook for Asian equities against other developed markets in the coming months ahead.



Episode 3 | Focusing on Global Equities with James Thomson, Rathbones

James and the IBOSS Investment Team discuss the geopolitical issues effecting the global economy and how investors should be positioned given the current investing landscape.

The backdrop, both politically and from a macroeconomic standpoint, has few historical parallels, so how will this play out for global allocation and portfolio construction?



Episode 2 | Focusing on Global Energy with Tom Nelson, Ninety One

Tom and the IBOSS Investment Team discuss the current, and well publicised, global energy issues. They take a closer look at why there is a global energy shortage, why prices are at record highs and if this will affect fund selection in the short term. They also delve into the medium to long-term future of energy and how the experts predict the transition from fossil fuels to cleaner options will play out.



Episode 1 | Focusing on UK Assets with Margaret Lawson, SVM

Our Investment Team and Margaret discuss the outlook for UK assets, how they’ve performed over the pandemic and what their plans are for their own allocations in the year ahead.