Property Funds Update

IBOSS Property Funds

We continue to receive questions regarding our property holdings, so we thought it might be helpful to clarify the situation:

1 – We have no bricks & mortar/direct property holdings in the IBOSS Asset Management discretionary MPS, OEIC Fund Range, or the IBOSS Ltd PMS. We will also not be holding these types of fund in the future.

– Bricks & mortar property funds are those that hold physical property. Due to the difficulty of selling physical property quickly, these have been prone to fund closures and suspensions.

2 – We currently hold no explicit property funds. Unlike direct property this is not due to the illiquid nature of the structure, but rather a reflection of our pessimistic outlook on the global property sector.

3 – At the time of writing, we are currently holding 4% in infrastructure funds. These invest in shares rather than direct listings and as such we consider this to be a far more liquid investment vehicle.

If you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the IBOSS team.

This communication is designed for Professional Financial Advisers only and is not approved for direct marketing with individual clients.

IAM 255.8.20