IBOSS Versus the FTSE 100


In the wake of a very positive year for developed market equities during 2021, many clients have queried the performance of the FTSE 100 against our multi-asset portfolios. To help address this popular question we have constructed the below document, which includes Core MPS comparisons and comments on recent market movements.

HSBC FTSE 100 Index is an equity-only index fund that tracks the FTSE 100 benchmark, which represents the largest 100 UK companies. On the other hand, UK equities are only a small part of the IBOSS portfolios which hold a range of investments and assets across multiple geographies. Our view is that this diversification can positively impact the portfolio’s defensive credentials and longer-term performance.

We have included charts in the below that demonstrate the performance/volatility of the MPS portfolios against the HSBC FTSE 100 Index over 10, 5, 3 and 1 years

HSBC FTSE 100 Index Performance Against IBOSS Multi-Asset Portfolios (MPS Core)