Kingswood Acquires IBOSS

Kingswood Acquires IBOSS

We are pleased to announce that IBOSS is being acquired by Kingswood Holdings Limited. As we have increased our range of investment services, we realised we would need to keep bolstering our team, especially in light of our Sustainable MPS range, which we launched last year.

Kingswood will offer us the ability to build up our investment team but without affecting the strategy and methodology. This will mean that IBOSS and its investment team will benefit from being part of a larger, well-capitalised group.

As part of Kingswood, we will offer our new and existing IBOSS users an exit strategy that will be one of the most attractive in the industry. This is something that adviser firms have been asking us to facilitate for some years, and once again we are pleased to be able to deliver precisely what advisers have asked for.

For many adviser firms, continuing the investment proposition and not disturbing the client is extremely important. The IBOSS brand will remain in place, and there will be no changes to your usual IBOSS contacts. We will also be maintaining our Harrogate based offices.

Everything we have achieved at IBOSS has been driven by our ongoing close relationship with adviser firms. We very much see this transaction as giving you all the things you tell us you like about our proposition but with an opportunity to partner with us all the way through to retirement or sale.

Below is a short video from IBOSS Investment Director, Chris Metcalfe, answering a few questions we have received from advisers regarding the deal, which inlcuded:

  • Why Kingswood?
  • Why now?
  • Are there going to be changes made to the investment team or proposition?
  • Will you now be planning to retire?
  • Advantages and opportunities

If you have any queries then please contact our Head of Business Development, Kevin Morrison ( / 07891 814345)