Market Update On Demand | Ukraine Crisis

IBOSS Market Update On Demand | Ukraine Crisis

Unfortunately, as we have all seen, the news is currently dominated by the terrible events in Ukraine. The unprovoked Russian invasion is causing some truly appalling scenes, and in circumstances such as these it feels inhumane to talk about markets and performance whilst innocent people are suffering.

As we all hope for a mercifully short conflict and a swift resolution, our thoughts remain first and foremost with the people of Ukraine.

However, it is our job to interpret the unfolding events such as those of the last couple of weeks, and we have had an increasing number of adviser and client queries regarding the effects to global markets.

For this reason, our Investment Director, Chris Metcalfe, has recorded a 30 minute update to address current market performance and to aid you with any client concerns, including:

1. How difficult is it to focus on markets in the current climate?

2. Have you been decreasing the risk of the portfolios since the beginning of the invasion?

3. What are the implications of the conflict on wider markets?

4. You often talk about the benefits of diversification – how is that playing out in the current conditions?

5. Has the crisis led you to make any changes to the way you construct portfolios and what is the current exposure to Russia in the portfolios?

6. Are there any areas of the investment world, other than commodities, which are performing relatively well?

7. Did the IBOSS team learn any lessons from how markets reacted to the pandemic?

8. There was a lot of talk last year about whether China had become uninvestable. You said at the time that you didn’t subscribe to this view. What do you consider the ‘investability’ now of Russia?

9. What could potentially be a catalyst for a market turnaround?


Click the play button above or here to watch the update now.

This recorded update is for professional financial advisers and planners only, and is CPD accredited.


There are plenty of options available to help the people caught up in the conflict, but many of our staff have donated directly to the Birtish Red Cross and UNICEF, so we have included links below to their sites if you are also looking for a route to offer support.

Alongside supporting people in Ukraine, both organisations will help its teams in neighbouring borders to provide accomodation, food, water and other aid items to refugees, as well as safe spaces for mothers and children, protection for unaccompanied and separated children and more.

British Red Cross



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